LINK Logistics Services was established in Istanbul in 1996 to provide services in the fields of sea, road, air, railway and tank container transportation. Ever since its foundation; it has adopted the principle of providing the fastest and the most accurate services by making investments in the latest technologies and professional employees.

LINK currently continues its competent services with its Ship Agency Authorization Certificate awarded by the Undersecretariat of Maritime and R1, R2, K1 and TIO (Transport Works Organization) Authorization Certificates awarded by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

  • Accountable

  • Innovative

  • Consistent

  • Expert

  • People-centric

  • Honest and Transparent

  • Competitive and Fair

  • Dynamic

  • Equality and Trustworthy

  • Investing in People and Technology

  • Creative

  • Prioritizing Employee and Customer Satisfaction

Quality Policy

As Link Logistics, we are committed to be recognized as a company that adopts the principles of excellence and customer orientation in logistics solutions. We aim to comply with quality standards in logistics and transportation services and to improve the quality management system with technological facilities and continuous training.


To realize this policy:

Customer Satisfaction: We focus primarily on customer satisfaction in order to understand our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. We evaluate customer feedback and continuously seek solutions to improve our services.

Continuous Improvement: We regularly review our processes and operations for continuous improvement and development. We evaluate our performance, identify mistakes and take measures to prevent recurrence.

Teamwork and Talent Development: We encourage the participation of our employees and support teamwork and cooperation. We provide continuous training and educational opportunities to improve the skills of our personnel.

Honesty and Reliability: We only work with honest and well-intentioned people. We do what we say and take responsibility for what we do.

Transparency: We carry out all our practices with auditable openness.

Efficiency and Continuity: We constantly review our business processes and seek innovative solutions to increase efficiency. We develop crisis management and risk mitigation strategies to ensure continuity.

Compliance with Quality Standards: We continuously review and implement quality standards to ensure compliance with legal regulations. We provide reliable and quality services to our customers.

Innovation and Investment in Technology: We continuously seek innovative solutions and use technology to improve our operations. We increase our competitiveness by investing in innovation and technology.


This quality policy has been approved by Link Logistics management and strengthened with the participation of all our employees. All our employees have adopted and implement this policy.